Signature Dishes
Chef added ginger, Sichuan pepper, anise and salt sauté until aromatic. And then put mud swimming crab steam and baked in wok with all seasoning. Then pour rosoglio on it, it can lock tasty crab juice inside to keep the meat tender, while the outside is crispy. So, You will never forget the taste and fragrant of crab are so crispyand sweet.
"Double Dragons Emerge from Sea" as the name implies that using fresh lobster to dip on lobster soup until cooked. The remaining bisque not only excellent for mixing with rice, it also matches with fried buns. The essence of Lobster bisque is perfectly absorbed into the bun.
Half raw and cooked garlic steamed seafood is traditional characteristics of Lung Mun seafood cusines. All fried garlic are prepared by Lugn Mun itself. Chef used a great amount of raw and cooked garlic to steam razor clam and cellophane noodlesm, therefore, a pungent garlic scent assailed your nose. Accompany with plump and bouncy Razor clam meat, a simple but classical tasty sea food dish appear.